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See Your Denturist If The Following Problems Arise:

  • Problems chewing
  • Red, inflamed tissue
  • Cracked corners of your mouth
  • Chronic cheek biting
  • Discomfort with denture

How Do I Keep My Dentures Clean?

Daily cleaning of your dentures is necessary to prevent build-up of food, tartar and stains which can cause:

  • Appearance problems
  • Mouth odour
  • Irritation of the gums
  • Infections in the mouth

Rinse the denture under warm water after meals. Brush with denture cleaner to clean your denture. Abrasive cleaners should not be used as they can scratch the denture. Scratches make the denture more susceptible to collecting debris and more easily stained. Make sure you reach all areas of the denture. The denture can be soaked in Renew® Denture Cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Overnight soaking in denture cleaners or bleach is not recommended. The most effective way to keep your dentures clean is daily brushing combined with occasional use of Renew® Denture Cleaner. Do not soak or rinse in hot water as this can distort the shape and fit of the denture. Clean the denture over a sink half-filled with water and place a washcloth in the sink to act as a cushion in case the denture should drop. Never scrape the denture with a sharp instrument in an attempt to remove hard deposits. Instead, bring it into the Regent Denture Clinic to have these hard deposits professionally removed.

You can choose to sleep with your dentures in your mouth, or remove them. If you are removing them at night, remember that when your denture is not in your mouth it needs to be kept moist in order to maintain proper fit. Clean the appliance thoroughly, rinse and place moist in the denture container. Not only do your dentures need maintenance, but care needs to be taken with the tissue under your denture. After your gums have healed, brush gently, daily with a soft brush or washcloth; this will bring the blood back to the gums and keep them healthy. Also, brush your tongue daily.

Dentures will usually last 5 to 7 years.

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