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The following are answers for some of the questions about dentures that we hear most often from our patients at Regent Denture Clinic. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please Contact Our Office; we’d be happy to answer it.

How do I know when my dentures no longer fit?

With age, the jaw bone slowly changes (“shrinks away”). Therefore, dentures that fit comfortably today may feel loose in a couple of years. You may need to have your dentures relined, adjusted or have new dentures made, depending on how much your gums have changed. A denture typically lasts only 5 – 7 years. Wearing dentures longer may cause damage to your gums and joints.

Why doesn't my lower denture fit as well as my last one?

Your lower ridge shrinks over time, making the denture feel loose. Without implants lower dentures just “float” on your lower ridge, making the fit undesirable.

Are dentures affected by over-the-counter and prescription medications?

Drugs can have an effect on denture fit and “wearability”. Some drugs may reduce the supply of saliva in your mouth, making it difficult to chew and swallow. Saliva can act as a natural adhesive. When there is a small supply the dentures may cause ongoing soreness and not fit properly.

Can I do my own repairs on my denture?

Repairing your own denture is NOT a good idea. Never glue a broken denture as this normally renders them unrepairable. 

If you need a denture repaired, please contact us to help you.


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