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U.S. Patent No. 10,872,212

Why Micro chipping Dentures:

As a scientific fact any type of orthodontics, prosthodontics, complete or partial denture fits only one person. The one whom it’s been made for. Also as another interesting matter of fact denture is the one thing that people have with them when they die and take with them in the grave in most case scenarios. That’s why it acts and reliable as fingers print to identify people or even dead bodies. Providing an ability to have a quick access to the personal, medical, health records, allergies, medications, special disease, blood type and pressure, average heart rate and body temperature, even club membership, home address, emergency phone numbers, and many other information that person allows to have them in the microchip memory for an easy access.

The reader scanner system could be must to have for health care system such as: hospitals, emergency rooms, surgical rooms, Ambulance, Paramedics, health and science centres, medical clinics, pharmacy, dental providers, health providers, home-cares, social workers, seniors care, and mental care as well as police stations, fire departments, security services, police officers, security guards, airport check points and etc.

Therefore, there is a wide range of global market in the forecast.

This is not a GPS system. No government or individual could access your location or activities.

Only a registered health, dental, mental or home care practitioner could have an access to only selected information authorized by person or person's power of attorney to be treated in more professional and safe manner.

Microchip acts like a memory inside your prosthesis which contains the information allowed your practitioner have an access to.

It’s time to look into the safer future. That’s what we do.


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