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Post-Immediate Dentures


See Your Denturist If The Following Problems Arise:

  • Problems chewing
  • Chronic cheek biting
  • Red, inflamed tissue
  • Discomfort with denture
  • Cracked corners of your mouth

Once your natural teeth and roots are extracted, your gums will change as they are healing. Up to 50% bone loss can occur during the first year after extractions. Waiting a minimum of 2 weeks after extractions will help with some swelling of the tissue. It will be necessary for you to have adjustments and add temporary liners to your dentures. The temporary liners will keep your dentures fitting properly and promote the health of your gums. Chewing with dentures is a lot different than your natural teeth. With dentures the average person has only 20% of their natural biting force.

This healing process can continue for up to a year before you are ready to have a permanent reline placed in your denture. As every patient’s healing period and rate of gum shrinkage is different, the number of temporary liners required in a denture will vary from patient to patient. It is still important to seek dental services in order to evaluate the soft tissue and to examine the dentures for proper fit, comfort and function.

IMPORTANT: It is crucial that you visit your denturist regularly throughout the first year of having new dentures. Neglecting to have your initial dentures checked regularly could cause serious harm to the tissues and bone in your mouth. If improper fit or irritation occurs, contact your denturist immediately.


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