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Registered Trademark invention by Regent Denture Clinic and an inventor's signature prosthetics.

Regent Denture Clinic Is Proud To Announce That We Are the Only Provider and A CERTIFIED Pro-D DFS ® Clinic.

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We have developed a non-invasive, non surgical, and affordable solution to create a younger looking face instantly. Using our remarkable patent pending system and method with most precision package of materials & instruments, combined with traditional denture making process or digital technology, we can customize a set of dentures that works with your facial anatomy offering an attractive appearance that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

Introducing: “Anti-aging Pro-D Denture facelift System ®"

The Pro-D denture facelift system is long lasting, easy to use, and works just like any other set of dentures. The difference is in what it does to the rest of your face. Restoring your smile & reversing the aging process. Also an optimum fit & excellent functioning.

With pro-D Denture facelift system, look younger without plastic surgery!

The proof is in the results from our satisfied patients. 


As an inventor's courtesy, patient will become 

Regent Denture Clinic's  "GOLD MEMBER"  and receives:

  • Anti-Aging sets of dentures;(Inventor's Signature Prosthetics)- More than just a set of dentures. It's your new life style by reversing the aging process; "Elegance is an attitude! - Shiro Kuma"
  • Denture Teeth : Supreme Elite, highest end, precision class, top in line quality with brilliant outstanding aesthetics;
  • Denture Base: Top in class quality, Non-Allergic, Monomer  free, extreme high impact, natural looking shades;
  • FREE 5 Years Full Service (Incl- Free repairs, Free relines, Free rebase, Free adjustments, Free denture cleaning and Free soft liner re-sealing) - NO CONDITIONS APPLY.

You have one happy patient being Linda Bazuk. There is no more for improvement because your practise is at the the top level, Thank you ever so much!

Linda B.


As part of Universal Inventive Group Incorporated Intellectual properties, all terms and conditions are reserved. No other practitioners or dental providers could use the term or provide such a goods and services upon receiving a licence from an inventor. otherwise legal action against will be taken.


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